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Following the huge investment for European Capital of Culture in 2017 and its historic natural beauty, Paphos has a lot to be proud of. However, on closer inspection it suffers from the same issues as many towns and cities worldwide.

As very happy residents of Paphos, we started to see the flaws that could quite easily put off the visiting tourist before they had the chance to experience the beauty.

Graffiti was one of those flaws and something that we knew could, and should be addressed. The second flaw, was something actually made worse by one the reasons people come to Cyprus; the weather. The heat obviously has an overwhelming effect on rubbish, and the wheelie bin situation is an unavoidable curse.  The stench when walking past can be unbearable. That’s why Wipe-Out decided to purchase Wheelie Clean.

Property management, along with industrial and domestic cleans were the perfect additional services for the Wipe-Out portfolio.

To the owners and operators of Wheelie Clean
We would like to thank you for the service provided and the professional manner in which you work.
Many people do not understand the implications of having dirty bins and the problems this can
cause either at home or in a commercial environment.
Apart from attracting stray cats, rodents and insects there is also the issue of the smell of decaying
food, oil and grease etc.
We are delighted that none of these issues are of concern to us as you ensure that our refuse
containers and wheelie bins are constantly clean and grease free. This was a job we had to do
ourselves regularly and one we are delighted we have managed to pass on to your company.
Thank you
Chalkie’s Bar, Coral Bay, Paphos.

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