Wheelie Clean Cyprus Terms and Conditions of Service

1: Due to using Recycled water please be AWARE we will not be able to clean bins that are contaminated with wet paint, excessive amounts of wet oil, or cat and dog faeces.

2: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure Wheelie Bins has their correct and current contact details.

3: If any rubbish remains in bin after  the refuse collection it will be at the operatives discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out, if cleaning proceeds the rubbish will bagged up and returned to bin after cleaning.

4: If your scheduled clean falls on a public holiday Wheelie Clean will reschedule  where possible.

5: Wheelie Clean will notify customers of the cessation of any contract, i.e. yearly or 6 monthly, in order to renew or cancel.

6:The minimum contract will be for 6 months, otherwise the one off cleaning rate applies.

7: If the customer wishes not to renew their contract, notification must be given to Wheelie Clean within 7 days of the final clean.

8: If the customer fails to inform Wheelie Clean of their wish to cancel any contract before the next scheduled clean, the clean will be at the one off rate.

9: Should the customer wish to renew their contract, the one of price will be re calculated back to contract price.

10: If the customer fails to renew their contract, an invoice for the one clean will be issued to them for payment, failure to pay may result in legal action.

11: Should we be unable to clean your bin on a scheduled cleaning day due to bad weather etc, the customer will be notified and Wheelie Clean will, where possible reschedule the clean.

12: If the Municipality notifies the customer of new refuse collection times, please notify Wheelie Bins A.S.A.P failure to do so may incur a charge.

13: In the event of a customer moving house mid contract, we will try to transfer the contract where possible to new location, if not required a refund will be given for remaining cleans, and a small admin fee may apply.

14: In the event that a bin becomes broken and unable to lift on machine, the clean will not go ahead. A charge may be still in place.

15: If a bin has been broken mid contract the subscription will be suspended until replacement or repaired bin Is in place. No refunds to be given.

16: Payment terms include payment at the end of each clean or in advance of a 6 Month or 12 Months contract.

17: Wheelie Clean will be closed  1 week before Christmas until end of January. There will be a small service for emergency cleans at the one off rate.

18: Wheelie Clean reserve the right to cancel or refuse any subscription without reason.

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